There are many people in the UK who use survey sites to make some extra cash. Some are making £5 here and there while others are making £100’s per month and getting paid to give their opinion.


This post reveals the 10 best paid survey sites in the UK that could potentially help you earn hundreds of pounds each month in 2019.

10 best paid surveys UK


The best way to approach survey sites is to sign up for as many as you can. This will improve your chances of getting more qualified surveys each week. You can expect on average 1 – 3 surveys per week from each survey panel.

Here Are The 10 Best Paid Survey Sites In The UK 2019


10) Valued Opinions


Valued Opinions is a well known paid online surveys website that is operated by the ResearchNow company.


Their survey invites are based on demographics, age and gender profiles, therefore your own details and information given at sign up depends on the surveys that you receive.

Valued opinions surveys


Sign up to the website is easy and all you have to do is enter some details about yourself, this helps with getting better surveys that you will be likely to complete.


UK residents must be at least 16 years of age to sign up to this website.


What Valued Opinions pay for surveys:


Surveys are worth £1 – £5 per completed survey and the cashout threshold is £10.


Rewards include gift cards which are normally paid out within 24 hours of your request, while it can take around a month to receive physical rewards.


Gift cards include vouchers while you can also choose retail gift cards from the likes of M&S.



9) Ipsos I Say


Ipsos I Say or more regularly known as Ipsos, are a decent survey site for people living in Britain to try out. Surveys are generally need your opinion on brand advertising in many different industries.

Ipsos I say Surveys


Panelists normally receive 6-10 surveys per month from Ipsos.


There are also sweepstakes opportunities from this survey panel also. If you are an active member of the site you will be given more entries into the various sweepstakes that Ipsos run. Prizes vary from electronics to hollidays.


What Ipsos I Say pay for surveys:


Each survey from Ipsos I Say is worth £1 for UK users. The threshold for cashing out rewards is £10. You can receive PayPal cash or you can choose to receive a gift card for Amazon, iTunes, Prepaid Visa’s or you can donate your points to a charity.


You can also earn points to refer your friends and family to join the survey website.



8) OnePoll


OnePoll offer easy to answer quick surveys for residents all over the United Kingdom including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

OnePoll surveys

If you sign up today you will get a £2.50 bonus. Surveys are added daily however, whether you get an invitation depends on your demographics.


Surveys are short and average around 3 minutes to answer.


What OnePoll pay for surveys:


OnePoll generally pay panelists £0.10 to £1 per survey. You will have to log in daily to get updates on your survey invites and you need to be quick as they tend to fill up quickly.


The minimum threshold is £40 so it can take some time to be able to cash out.


Rewards are paid by cash into your bank account or by PayPal.



7) Crowdology


Crowdology is a popular survey site among UK residents. This survey panel has been around for quite a while and it has a good reputation.

Crowdology surveys


Surveys last around 2 – 15 minutes and ask about your thoughts on everyday issues and about different products.


To sign up to this website, you must be at least 18.


What Crowdology pay for surveys:

Surveys are generally pay anywhere in the region of £0.30 – £10 and cash is awarded when the survey has finished.


The minimum threshold at Crowdology is £4 and you can cash out using your PayPal.


There are also prize draws held every month where you get a free entry into, when you complete a survey in the past month.



6) UniqPaid


UniqPaid is a get paid to website that is open for people in the UK to join for free. Not only can you get paid for answering surveys but you can also earn money by reading emails, visiting websites, shopping online and referring friends.

Uniqpaid survey


What UniqPaid pay for surveys:


As UniqPaid is a get paid to website the rate paid per survey depends on the research company that offers them through In general surveys are rewarded at £0.10 – £5.


There is no minimum threshold on this website if you intend to use PayPal to get paid. There is a cheque option but we recommend that you use PayPal as UniqPaid are based in the US.

Click here to read more about UniqPaid



5) QuickRewards


QuickRewards is a great site for UK residents looking to make free money online. The site is only open to people in the US, UK and Canada. It is a get paid to website and you get paid for surveys, playing games, watching videos and shopping online.

QuickRewards surveyd


What QuickRewards pay for surveys:


QuickRewards uses a points system which you can then exchange for cash through cheque or you can receive a gift card.


You will earn points from surveys that you answer and what you will get will depend on the survey provider.


As QuickRewards only provide surveys for the US, United Kingdom and Canada, it means they offer high payouts. QuickRewards can make you a lot of money easily.





ACOP or American Consumer Opinion, pay UK customers highly for their thought on various issues including branding and current issues.  Despite what the name suggests, they offer surveys to people in a number of countries and the United Kingdom is one where they are looking to expand their panelists.


Acop Best paid surveys


ACOP were one of the first survey panels to go online back in the late 1990’s and have been offering generous payouts ever since.

Surveys are generally 10 minutes long to complete. You will also get multiple survey invites each week from American Consumer Opinion.


What ACOP pay for surveys:

ACOP uses a points system and surveys are normally worth 100+ points. You will get paid by ACOP either by cheque or by PayPal, whichever you choose.


You may also be invited to try free products to test also.



3) Global Test Market

Global Test Market are easily the best paid survey site for residents in the UK to sign up to for free. With this site you can potentially earn £50 a month depending on your demographics as surveys are regular.

GlobalTestMarket surveys

The website is US based however they pay good rates for people in Britain who sign up for free to this leading online survey website.

What Global Test Market pay for surveys:

Global Test Market use a points system for answering surveys. The amount offered per survey will vary but you can earn on average £1 – £2 per survey.

1200 points is the minimum threshold required to cashout your rewards. This is worth the sterling equivalent of $50 US Dollars.

You can cash out using PayPal or you can receive a check. This will take 6-8 for people in Britain to receive so it makes sense to get it quickly with PayPal.




2) Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an excellent survey panel for people in Britain looking to make money online with surveys. It is one of the best paying surveys in the UK.

Signing up to Opinion Outpost is very easy, all you need to so is to input your name, email address, gender, address, date of birth and educational level. This information helps you to qualify for surveys that relevant to you.

Opinion Outpost Review

Surveys are relatively frequent for UK users. When you complete a survey, you will be rewarded with points which can then be exchanged for cash or vouchers.

One of the benefits of using Opinion Outpost is the fact that each time you complete a survey, you will be entered into a £5,000 quarterly cash prize draw. The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have to win!

When you reach £2.50 you can exchange your credit for cash or for an or iTunes® Gift Card.

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1) Swagbucks


Swagbucks is the king of the get paid to websites. You will get paid to surveys, play games, watch videos and refer friends. There is also a search bar which you can download to your desktop or laptop and you will also get paid for using this.

Swagbucks surveys


There are a wide range of surveys on offer and if you are from Britain, it is likely that you will find surveys available to answer each day.


What Swagbucks pay for surveys:


Swagbucks uses a point system or SB’s as they are called. Surveys can vary but most are worth 70 SB or £0.40.


You can cash out SB’s for a wide range of rewards including PayPal cash or gift cards for your favorite retailers.

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That was the 10 Best Paid Survey Sites In The UK 2019, if you liked this post, please share with others on social media. This way you can help your friends earn extra money too! For best results sign up to 5 to 10 of the sites listed above if you are from the UK.